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Every Trophy Has a Story

Every Trophy Has a Story

By Ken Piper

Here at Buckmasters, we believe every deer is a trophy — and every trophy has a story behind it.

As often as we get letters and e-mails praising the informative articles we publish, we get just as many asking for more deer stories by members and fans. That means YOU. Your fellow deer hunters want to hear YOUR story.

Writing a deer story might sound intimidating, but if you’ve told your friends about your latest buck (or doe), you have what it takes. Just jot down what happened the same way you told the story to your buddies and you’ll do great.

If we publish your story on, we’ll send you a made-in-the-USA Bucklite Max knife, the perfect tool for your next field-dressing job. We’ll even select a few stories to run in Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine for additional compensation.

If you’d like to send your story for consideration, be sure to include a few good photos, along with your name and address. Finally, when writing your story, include (at least) the first names of other people involved.

Most of the stories we’ve published in the past have been between 500 and 1,400 words, but that’s just a guideline. We cannot accept stories without quality photos, however.

So that’s all there is to it. Don’t let your fellow readers down; they want to hear from you and, most of all, they want to hear about your deer!

E-mail your story to, or send it by postal mail to:
Buckmasters, Att. Editor
PO Box 244022
Montgomery, AL 36124

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