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Firminator G-3 ATV

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment is proud to introduce the Firminator G-3 ATV Model. The new ATV Model takes all of the features of the full size 3-point implement and right-sizes it for ATV’s and UTV’s.

The ATV Model is sized for ATVs, but it is no lightweight. It comes with a 3-inch steel square frame tubing, and the seed box is constructed of steel. It is packed with 12-inch ground turning discs with the Firminator’s ACCU-Seed delivery system, and a true agricultural grade cast iron cultipacker. The 800-pound ATV Model gives it the weight to break up and grind into hard ground where other ATV harrows bounce or break.

The ACCU-Seed delivery system can accommodate various seed sizes from the smallest of clover seeds to the larger corn, pea and sunflower seeds. Use it the superior ACCU-Seed delivery system to properly install food plots, and filter strips and lawns. Because the system is ground driven, the seed is metered out relative to the speed you’re traveling.

Hook the Firminator G-3 ATV Model to the back of your ATV or UTV with the included tow bar sized for a 1 7/8” ball. If you’re up for a change of pace, the ATV Model comes stock with a 3-point hitch to attached to a small tractor.

Ride your way to the perfect plot with the Firmintor G-3 ATV Model. You’ll get maneuverability that comes with the compact size without sacrificing the Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment manufactures the Firminator, the world’s best food plot implement. Their engineers utilize state of the art CAD software to continually improve and upgrade the design of the Firminator. Every Firminator machine is thoroughly inspected before they leave the plant to insure their products meet or exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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