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McPherson Series Chill X

The Chill X offers ultimate versatility for the archer who uses their bow for both hunting and 3D target archery.

Measuring 35 inches axle to axle and featuring an all new AVS DYAD Cam System with enlarged perimeter weighting, the Chill X offers a solid shooting platform and a post shot feel that is superior to all other bows.

The Chill X will come standard with all new ROCK MODS for enhanced performance and versatility.

The Chill X comes standard with 85% ROCK MODS and a 75% option is available for custom shooter performance.

Chill X Specifications:

• IBO Speed - 336 fps (w/75% letoff)

• Axle to Axle - 35”

• Brace Height - 7”

• Physical Weight - 4.23 lbs.

• Letoff - 75% and 85%

• Draw Weights - 50, 60, 70

• Draw Lengths - 25 through 31 (including half sizes)

• MSRP - $1,099

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