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Scent-Lok Convertible Headcover

Scent-Lok introduced a new design for one of their most vital pieces to the scent control puzzle with their new Convertible Headcover. The new Convertible Headcover is maximizing scent control while featuring all new versatility.

The headcover is arguably the most important part of the Scent-Lok system and the new convertible Convertible Headcover from Scent-Lok features their best design ever.

The secret is the inner hunting cap that can accommodate the snap on scent-control headcover, so you get the feel of a basic hunting cap with the scent control performance that Scent-Lok’s new Carbon Alloy technology delivers. Scent-Lok improved the fit and feel of the face panel for better comfort and reduced bulk. The Convertible Headcover is available in lightweight for early season and midweight for those chilly rut days leading right into the late season.

Scientists worldwide recognize that activated carbon has long been the best adsorbent for human odors. The new Convertible Headcover features Scent-Lok’s enhanced Carbon Alloy scent control technology that sets a new standard by adding other components to their activated carbon to improve the ability to adsorb odors to extreme levels. Carbon Alloy can increase the spectrum of adsorption by its ability to target human specific odors better than carbon alone, making hunters more effective in the field.

Convertible Headcover features:

• Interior drawstring adjustment.

• Articulated facemask for comfort.

• Detachable cap.

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