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Ultra-Lite Flex

Hunter Safety System, the company that has brought the best features, comfort, performance and style to treestand harnesses, now offers the lightest weight, most flexible harness to hit the market, the new Ultra-Lite Flex. Named for the freedom of movement it gives the hunter, the HSS Ultra-Lite Flex features a series of individual hexagons that allow padded comfort and unprecedented flexibility in any direction the hunter may twist or turn.

This new Flex stays comfortably snug to the body, which allows unrestricted movement from the time you put it on through the moment of making the shot. It also features the new HSS 1 1/4-inch upper-body webbing, tether and waist buckle, which replace heavier, bulkier material while continuing to offer extraordinary strength for complete safety and confidence while hunting off the ground.

Available in Realtree Xtra, the new Ultra-Lite Flex improves upon the popular Ultra-Lite X-Treme and Ultra-Lite to offer the ultimate in lightweight safety, security and flexibility. Like all the Hunter Safety System harnesses, the new Ultra-Lite Flexcomes standard with a lineman’s climbing strap, primary treestrap and a suspension-relief strap, which doubles as a deer-drag strap.

Weighing just 2 pounds, the new Ultra-Lite Flex is the ideal harness for anyone who has to travel a long distance to the treestand or who prefers to feel unencumbered while staying safe. Includes a lineman’s climbing strap, a primary treestrap and a suspension-relief/deer-drag strap.

MSRP $99.95.

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