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Spot-Hogg Bloody Buddy

Since 1999 Spot-Hogg Archery Products has been changing the way archers view their equipment, how they tune a bow and how they shoot. As educators and innovators, advances such as the round pin guard, 3rd axis adjustment, micro adjustable pins, laser tuning and single arrow tuning can all be named to Spot-Hogg’s credit.

Not since the Hooter Shooter automatic shooting device has Spot-Hogg put as large of a crack in the mold as they will with their new broadhead sharpening device – The Bloody Buddy.

Through significant research the team at Spot-Hogg has proven it’s impossible to get an arrow to hit the same point of impact consistently, if you change the broadhead/arrow combination. Due to variances in each broadhead and it’s complementary arrow, individual projectile tuning is a must for accurate shooting with broadheads – especially at long distances, and particularly, with fixed blade broadheads.

Those who demand perfection, and the very best from their equipment, have recognized this for years. Until the Bloody Buddy broadhead sharpener, this meant painstaking efforts to find a broadhead that met the same flight characteristics as the previously tuned boradhead and arrow combination or using inferior and non-adjustable sharpeners to “resharpen” your broadhead blades. Although the best-case scenario, previously; removal of the broadhead also meant the possibility accuracy would be compromised. With the Bloody Buddy broadhead sharpener, this time-consuming inconvenience is eliminated and the problem is solved!

Sharpness is key to the success of any broadhead and the honed blades of this piece of terminal tackle can literally mean the difference between life and death. The ethical duty of any hunter is to do their very best to place a razor-sharp, perfectly tuned broadhead tipped arrow into the vitals of their quarry.

The ultimate tool to recondition, hone and sharpen dull broadheads new and old, the Bloody Buddy is the antithesis of any sharpener before it and increases the odds your broadheads will find their mark and produce devastating blood trails. Unlike traditional single stone or beveled single piece sharpeners, the new Blood Buddy employs two independently mounted and articulating diamond coated sharpening stones. Each stone is micro adjustable to exact precision and allows you to find your perfect blade angle for your particular broadhead.

With the ability to accommodate almost any ferrule and blade style; sharpening fixed, mechanical, or hybrid designs with the Bloody Buddy is unparalleled. Adding to its versatility the Bloody Buddy can accommodate two, three and four blade designs making it the most radical and innovative sharpener to ever hit the archery market. An ideal solution for touching up heads that have been run through a target or the perfect way to put a scalpel sharp touch up to new broadhead right out of the package.

With innumerous options to set blade angles, Spot-Hogg has eliminated the guesswork and each sharpener includes a “cheat sheet” index of blade angles to help you find and set the sharpener up for nearly all of today’s top-named broadheads. Once you have found your combination, you can literally, set it and forget it.


• 2 Micro-Adjustable independently articulating sharpening stones.

• Premium diamond coated sharpening surfaces.

• Weighted bottom to maintain position.

• Sharpens fixed and mechanical broadheads.

• Accommodates two, three and four blade configurations- even with offset blades.

• Numbered and lettered dials for precision adjustment.

MSRP: $185.

Originality is a Spot-Hogg trademark—a trademark that bowhunters and target archers have come to appreciate, accept and benefit from. Cloaked in engineering-genius and dripping with technology, the Bloody Buddy is yet another Spot Hogg Innovation that commands attention of bowhunters who demand the most from their equipment and want and edge in the field.

For more information on the Spark or the rest of the Spot-Hogg product lineup visit or call (888) 302-7768.

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