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Streamlight Buckmasters PackMate

Streamlight has introduced the Buckmasters PackMate , featuring four lighting options, including two levels of C4 LED technology and both high and low night vision green LED settings. The new light, available in two REALTREE HARDWOODS camouflage finishes, is designed to meet the multiple needs of outdoor enthusiasts in low-light conditions.

The lithium battery-powered Buckmasters PackMate features a C4 power LED, providing two to three times the output of Super High Flux LEDs, which can be operated at both a high and a low setting. The PackMate also offers a third lighting option, featuring three Nichia Ultra-Bright Green LEDs that are operated simultaneously, and a fourth setting, featuring a single Green LED for when optimum night vision is needed. A rotary mode-select switch allows users to easily pick among the four light sources.

“The new Buckmasters PackMate gives hunters, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts power LED technology at two levels – one providing maximum brightness and beam penetration, and the other, a lower level of brightness for optimum runtime,” said Streamlight Chief Operating Officer Ray Sharrah. “It also offers two versatile green LED settings, both of which won’t spook game and which allows hunters to maintain dark adaptation, our signal their presence to other hunters on the trail at night. It’s four lights in one, specially geared to the outdoor market.”

Sharrah added that light is available in two finishes, REALTREE HARDWOODS Green High Definition HD camouflage and the REALTREE HARDWOODS BLAZE. The light also features the logo of Buckmasters, one of the premiere hunting enthusiast organizations in the U.S.

The new Buckmasters PackMate measures 5.43 inches and weighs 5.44 ounces. The light’s C4 LED on the high setting offers 6,000 candela peak beam intensity and 125 lumens measured system output and a continuous runtime of up to 2.75 hours to the 10% output level. On the low setting, the C4 LED provides 1,000 candela peak beam intensity and 20 lumens measured system output and a continuous run time of up to 15 hours to the 10% output level. The C4 LED, which is impervious to shock, features a 50,000 hour lifetime rating.

The High Green LED setting is powered by three Nichia Ultra-Bright Green LEDs, each with a 100,000 hour lifetime, that offer 80 candela peak beam intensity and 7.5 lumens measured system output and a continuous runtime of up to 38 hours in high mode to the 10% output level. The Green Indicator setting features one Ultra Bright Green LED that offers 40 candela peak beam intensity and 4 lumens measured system output and offers a continuous runtime of up to 52 hours in low mode to the 10% output level.

The new PackMate uses two included 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries which have a shelf life of 10 years. The light employs a push-button tailcap switch for on-off use, which also has been specially designed to permit signaling in either the C4 or Ultra-Bright green LED mode. The light’s reflector is micro faceted for a smooth focus.

Highly durable, the new light is constructed of machined aircraft grade aluminum, featuring an anodized finish, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch and corrosion resistant coating. The PackMate is O-Ring sealed, weather resistant and has been drop test verified.

The new Buckmasters PackMate retails for $80, and comes with a high-strength wrist lanyard, as well as Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime warranty.

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