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Dirt Cake with Worms

Dirt Cake with Worms

By Steve Hall

Everybody loves Dirt Cake with Worms! Get 1 to 3 kids in the kitchen and let them have fun with this recipe. This is so good to eat and so easy and fun to make. It's a great recipe for the cabin.


• 3 boxes of instant chocolate pudding

• 3 1/2 cups of milk

• 4 cups crushed Oreo cookies

• 6 cups Cool Whip

• One package gummy worms

• 1 to 3 kids

Cooking Directions:

Kids must mix this up or it won’t work! Blend up your pudding mix with the milk. In a big glass bowl put 1/3 of the pudding in the bottom, then 1/3 of your Cool Whip, then 1/3 of the Oreo cookies. Repeat 3 times and you will have 3 layers of the pudding, Cool Whip, and Oreo cookies, ending up with the Oreo cookies on top. Stick a few gummy worms in the Oreo cookies and you will have your dirt cake with worms. Worms not optional!

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