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Buckmasters American Deer Foundation's (BADF) Disabled Hunters Services was established in 1993 after realizing the need for hunting opportunities among people with disabilities.

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An estimated 1.7 million people with severe physical handicaps enjoy hunting and shooting sports in the U.S. Some of the things that can be taken for granted by the able bodied sportsman are life-changing events for this segment of the population: learning to shoot again, being in the wilderness, or just witnessing animals in the wild. BADF Disabled Services knows the importance of outdoor recreation and how it can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for people with disabilities. We have developed a wide range of programs and resources for helping challenged individuals with their outdoor adventure ambitions.

Wildgame Innovations

Disabled Hunters Services uses its combined resources to locate, organize and cooperate in opportunities for people with disabilities.  As many hunts as possible are organized on public and private lands, as well as commercial outfitters. We also offer support at state and local levels through established Buckmasters chapters. These chapters raise funds and work together to meet the needs of challenged sportsmen in their communities.  Look here for chapters in your area.

Grants of equipment are also available to qualified persons with disabilities. Our average grant applicant is unable to participate in gainful employment and receives less than $10,000 a year in income and benefits. This is hardly enough money to live on, much less cover the extensive medical expenses most incur. We make dreams come true by providing much needed adaptive shooting equipment for many disabled hunters each year.  Although expensive, this equipment makes it possible for the recipient shoot and target practice for recreation, and to hunt right where they live!  Grants include the purchase of mechanical gun rests that allow quadriplegics to shoot a firearm or crossbow.  Go here to print an application.

Our program creates environments where people with disabilities and illnesses can offer peer support to one another. The camaraderie facilitates hope and fosters confidence, self-esteem and independence among our participants. Injured hunters can once again take part in something that was a very important part of their lives. There are no membership fees to pay or clubs that challenged hunters have to join in order to participate.


Life Hunts

Life Hunts grants hunting trips to critically ill and extremely disabled children and young adults up to age twenty one.  Life Hunts was created in 1998 after mainstream foundations stopped granting hunting wishes or requests that involved hunting, firearms or archery equipment. The Life Hunt program gives children with questionable futures a glimmer of hope, and something to look forward to through their medical trials. These hunts are also offered to severely disabled children who have diseases known to shorten their life span. Please follow the Life Hunt link for more info. Click here for Life Hunt Application 2015-2016.

We Provide Valuable Information

BADF Disabled Services has several channels for providing crucial information:

1. Our disabled hunters Website provides a host of information on our programs, opportunities, and other important resources.  This includes links to state and local groups of disabled hunters who may be able to provide opportunities as well.

2. By subscribing to our Facebook page, a disabled individual with Internet access can receive frequent updates and notices on any hunts and events we establish or find out about. Also see the "Hunts and Events" section here in these pages.

3. BADF Disabled Services has a page in each issue of Buckmasters magazine dedicated to hunters with challenges and disabilities.

Contributions to BADF Disabled Services are welcome, and are tax deductible. If you are interested in volunteering your time, facilities, or properties please contact David Sullivan with the information below.

For Information Contact:
BADF Disabled Services / 10540 Daystar Drive / Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 / Phone (205) 366-8415 / email: dsullivan@buckmasters.com

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