Memorial Donations

Memorial Donations to BADF Disabled Services and BADF Life Hunts

The greatest form of support is to be honored in the memory of family, loved ones and friends. We thank these families and donors for their heartfelt support. Our prayers are with you all for your loss.

Honor the memory of a special person and help make a difference in the lives of children and adults in need. Your support provides hope, healing and great anticipation in the lives of those severely disabled or critically ill through quality hunts and events, as well as adaptive equipment.

Mail donations to BADF Memorial Donations / 10540 Daystar Drive / Tuscaloosa, AL 35405. Please include the name of the person you want to honor with your gift, as well as their home town, dates of birth and death. For information email David Sullivan.

In Memory of Charlie Lane, Montgomery, AL
  • Donors: Evelyn and Mat Pope
  • Donors: David and Cindy Sullivan
In Memory Chuck Stewart IV, Montgomery, AL
  • Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Poundstone
In Memory of Michael Schwortz, Reading, PA
  • Donors: Lula and Tony Cappuccio
In Memory of Donna Rodden Morrow of Birmingham, AL
  • Donors: ACEOA, Family and Friends
In Memory of Stanley Moyer, Jr. Mathias, WV
  • Donors: Pat and DeDe Boyd
  • Donors: Melvin and Jeanette Brose
  • Donors: Justin & Christina Blessinger
In Memory of Calvin and Corey Lindt of Colorado Springs, CO
  • Donor: Jean Lindt
In Memory of Gary Hanvey of Marine, IL
  • Donors: William and ReJeana Craft
  • Donor: Judith Alberternst
  • Donors: Sherri and Larry Sussenbach
In Memory of Stephen Foster Pool of Northport, AL
  • Donors: Mike and Sheila Rice - Rice Construction Company
  • Donors: Dean and Kathleen Hutson
  • Donors: David and Cindy Sullivan
  • Donor: Lillie Britt
  • Donor: Mrs. James Hinton
  • Donors: Dale and Shannon Montgomery
  • Donors: Charles and Celeste Wyatt
In Memory of James Gregory Housch of Birmingham/Foley, AL
  • Donors: Jo Roy's Monday Night Bible Study
In Memory of Joshua "josh" Lanoue, Anoka, MN
  • Donors: Eric and Ali Marie Balabon
  • Donor: Jennifer J Beckwith
In Memory of Jerry Lee Jamerson, Jr of Cumberland, VA
  • Donors: Employees of Fisher & Federated Auto Parts
  • Donor: D.D. Jamerson
  • Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shepherd and Family
  • Donors: Charles and Lillian Myers
  • Donors: DVFD Ladies Auxillary, Dillwyn, VA
  • Donor: Martha Chappell
  • Donor: Art Henoch
  • Donor: Robert Mansfield
  • Donor: Jane Robinson
  • Donor: Robert Proffitt
  • Donors: Otto and Patricia Wolf
  • Donor: Warren Huddleston
  • Donors: Billy and Brenda Swan
  • Donors: Dennis and Sandra Leonard
  • Donor: Mary Butler
  • Donors: Steve and Liz Dunn
  • Donor: The Woman's Club of Buckingham County, Buckingham, VA
  • Donors: Jerry and Zanie Jemerson
  • Donors: Top Gun Hunt Club and Warren Huddleston
  • Donor: JL Jamerson
In Memory of Clarence "Bull" Tomlin III of Woodbine, NJ
  • Donor: Frank Germanio
In Memory of James Gregory Housch of Birmingham/Foley, AL
  • Donors: Clyde and Nina Sellers
  • Donors: Paul Samuelson MD
  • Donors: Sara and Joseph Shaw
  • Donors: Carroll and Buddy Nason
In Memory of Samuel Schofield III, Maryland
  • Donors: Edgewood Armory Fund
In Memory of William Thomas Byrd of Pine Bluff, AR
  • Donors: Jack Ray & Beverly Bright
  • Donor: Harry Byrd
In Memory of Ron Ratliffof Lubbock, TX
  • Donors: Ramuchak Family
  • Donors: AL Municipal Insurance Corp.
  • Donors: Honoring the lateBen Virgin
In Memory of Evan Chamberlaine
  • Donors: RA and KS Hall
In Memory of Jimmy L. Hinton, Sr. of Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Donors: Tuscaloosa Academy
  • Donors: Dolly and Katherine Crafton
In Memory of Ronald Riebling of York, PA
  • Donors: Mr. and Mrs. George Kellbaugh
  • Donors: Larry and Ginny Thoman
  • Donors: Penn Waste. Inc
  • Donor: Juanine Sprague
In Memory of Eugene Warnimont of Wauwatosa, WI
  • Donors: Bruel & Kjaer
In Memory of Eric Fisher of Elizabeth, PA
  • Donors: The Weber Family
  • Donor: Maryanne Lasko
In Memory of Dick McQuaide of Lowell, MA
  • Donors: Jane and Lawerence Drew
  • Donors: Dorothy and Diane Drew
  • Donors: Hugh and Roberta McGovern
In Memory of TJ Jarman of Wadesboro, NC
  • Donors: Tommy Taylor and Johnny Isenburg - Parsons Drugs
  • Donors: Leadership Anson Class of 2008
  • Donors: Parsons Bias, Inc.

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