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Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind

Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind 1913590010

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The Ameristep® Bone Collector® Ground Blind is outfitted with both horizontal and vertical windows (10 in all) for greater visibility, a heat-release roof vent system to encourage air flow, and shoot-thru mesh with a gun port. NS³ fabric helps minimize scent, shine, and excess noise. Features rugged hub-style construction. Includes stakes, high-wind tie-downs, and a backpack carrying case (8'' x 44''). Weight: 20 lbs. Ceiling height.: 67''. Hub to Hub: 75'' x 75''. Imported. Manufacturer model #: 2115.

Both horizontal and vertical windows for greater visibility 
Heat-release roof vent system encourages air flow 
Shoot-thru mesh with a gun port 
NS³ fabric minimizes scent, shine, and excess noise 
Rugged hub-style construction 
Includes stakes and high-wind tie-downs 
Backpack carrying case 
Weight: 20 lbs. 
Ceiling height.: 67'' 
Hub to Hub: 75'' x 75'' 

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