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Hunter Safety System Gear Hoist

Hunter Safety System Gear Hoist 1911591122

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- Replaces crumpled, tangled, knotted pull-up lines.
- Super-lightweight and compact and never tangles.
- As you climb, the line automatically unwinds.

The last thing you want to do when you get to your treestand in the pre-dawn hours is to untangle your pull-up rope. Super-lightweight and compact, the Hunter Safety System Bow and Gear Hoist is the quick and easy way to pull your gear up to the stand. Attach the carabiner to your bow or gear, then clip the Bow and Gear Hoist to your harness or belt or place it in a pocket. Lightweight ribbon automatically unwinds as you climb. Once you are secured in the treestand, pull the line up to retrieve your gear.

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