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Successful Muzzleloader Hunting

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Sure-Fire Hunting Strategies with Blackpowder Firearms
By Pete Schoonmaker

Successful muzzleloader hunting is a state of satisfaction, achieved by applying acquired shooting and hunting skills to the knowledge of habitat and the trails of the game hunted. Author Schoonmaker offers enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about muzzleloader hunting, how to get started, and how to be a successful hunter with blackpowder firearms. He covers fundamentals and a variety of small and large game, as well as birds.

Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine readers will be familiar with Schoonmaker’s entertaining and informative style. As an outdoor writer for more than 20 years, he is well known for his in-the-field articles and photography.

Softbound, 144 pgs., 150 full-color photographs.

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