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Tink's B-Tech OE Spray 8 oz

Tink's B-Tech OE Spray 8 oz 1921550013

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Get game-changing results with Tink's® B-Tech Odor Eliminator. Tink’s uses Byotrol® Technology which is based on an extended European research and development project dedicated to bacterial control for use in hospitals and food factories. B-Tech is a powerful but gentle product that does not contain bleaches, metal salts, or other chemicals that commonly irritate skin.

Byotrol® Technology is revolutionary! It has been scientifically proven to destroy over 300 odor-causing compounds produced by the human body including those caused by perspiration and the ammonia compounds emitted by the normal breathing of your skin. It is equally effective on odors such as food and smoke. The Byotrol® Technology doesn’t stop working there. It creates a microscopic barrier of protection that prevents new odors from adhering to your body and clothing. It’s a technology that offers a lasting protection and reassurance hour, after hour, after hour.

8oz spray
Gentle enough for use on skin 
Eliminates odor caused by perspiration 
Eliminates odor for boots, clothing, headwear, and gear  

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