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Rob Pincus | Founder I.C.E.

Rob Pincus is a world renowned personal defense instructor and consultant who has authored several books, produced more than 45 training DVDs and appeared in several television series.

Through his company, I.C.E. Training, Rob develops and teaches military, law enforcement, private security and personal defense courses. His flagship program, Combat Focus Shooting, has been taught in more than a dozen countries on three continents. He has published dozens of articles, and his most recent book, “Combat Focus Shooting: Evolution 2010”, is the most progressive publication on defensive shooting available. Rob has been a member of the S.W.A.T. Magazine staff for more than a decade.

While Rob teaches self-defense to the best of the best, he’s also a lifelong hunter and understands the unique situations sportsmen can encounter. His unique ability to teach beginners or experts and to fit the information to the context of the student makes him the perfect partner for readers and viewers.

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