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Buckmasters Hunt

Buckmasters, the world’s leading authority on white-tailed deer hunting, is taking you on an adventure of a lifetime with BUCKMASTERS HUNT!

The most true-to-life, authentic hunting experience in the App Store with stunning 3D graphics and a full 360-degree environment.

This isn't your momma's hunting game. This is the REAL DEAL from the most trusted name in deer hunting!

Open season has just arrived, and it’s time to MAN UP and GO HUNTIN’!

  • Play each level with attention to accuracy and precision to maximize your Trophy and Kill Points.
  • Rise up in Hunter Status - can you climb the rankings and make it from Noob to Buck Master?
  • Enjoy an endless number of levels ranging from easy to nearly impossible!
  • Gear Up: Choose the right weapon to get the job done...are you going to take down the perfect buck with Daddy's Little Girl or take out an black bear with the Meat Grinder?!?!
  • Keep your head up: Aggressive prey will turn on you and take you out if you're not armed and ready.
  • Precision is key: Use your scope for the perfect shot!
  • Share your Hunter Status with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Climb the Leaderboard Rankings and see if you have what it takes to become the next great Buck Master!

BONUS FEATURE: Instant Replay - record your perfect shot and then share the video with the Buckmasters Hunt community!

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– Buckmasters and MediaMob remind you to always hunt responsibly and adhere to all local, state and federal hunting laws. This game has been created for entertainment purposes only. Always practice extra care with firearms handling and safety.

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